Wine and Chocolate

Admit it, Halloween is a good excuse for us adults to satisfy our sweet tooth by raiding our kids’ candy stashes. How many of us make sure that the oversized Mega Jumbo deluxe bag of sugary goodness we picked up from Costco is full of the goodies we know we’ll enjoy, not so much for the kiddos?

Well, as long as you’re going to indulge a little, you ought to really make it worthwhile by taking it up a notch by pairing your favorite confection with a glass of wine.

Here’s a suggestion:

How about Hershey’s Milk Chocolate? You’re bound to come across a few of those little miniature morsels, especially the Special Dark. There’s a little bit of cherry flavor tucked into this succulent dark chocolate, so it pairs nicely with a Syrah. Choose a Syrah that’s jammy and full of berry notes. Drooling yet?

We’ve got a few more suggestions, and we’ll release them periodically during the week… patience….

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