At T3, we strive to make sure you have a memorable experience with Tesla Tours and Transportation. Our premier Napa Valley wine tastings and tours are tailored by experts based on individual experiences for each client that are brought to life with our local knowledge, industry expertise and eco-friendly mindset and vehicles. Our fleet of Tesla Model S all-electric Luxury Sedans were selected with the mission of eliminating our carbon footprint, one wine tasting and tour at a time. The Tesla Model S has won numerous awards and recognition. With our black car service, you can rest assured that our Northern California wine tasting and tours are guaranteed to transport you in an eco-friendly, yet luxurious, way.

Micheal Sieck

Seeking to rethink and renew the limousine industry one region at a time, the President of T3 (Tesla Tours and Transportation) was enticed by the beauty and majestic landscape of Northern California, selecting the area as the ideal location to inaugurate a pioneering company with a vision to preserve the growth and vitality of Northern California’s natural resources and agricultural sustainability. The mission of T3 is “Embracing Ecology… Electrically,” promoting green initiatives that features a fleet of all-electric vehicles, developing experiences and creating everlasting memories for visitors and residents alike.

A graduate of Arizona State University, Mr. Sieck began his involvement in chauffeured transportation by chance, as a “bridge employment” in the 1990’s after choosing to exit his more than a decade-long career in commercial architecture. Mr. Sieck’s career in the public and private sectors of the chauffeured transportation industry included positions at every level, from “ball boy” to “pitcher.” After sixteen years he opted to leave the playing field and begin managing from the dugout. Appropriately, a favorite pastime of Mr. Sieck is to take in a baseball game as an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mr. Sieck grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has two lovely daughters and a precious granddaughter.

Sheila Cunningham

Born and raised in Michigan, the Vice President of T3 (Tesla Tours & Transportation) is no stranger to the transportation industry. Ms. Cunningham understands the history of conveyance and how the automobile business developed. In 2003 her interest progressed 10 years as leader of an award-winning Motorcycle Company. Changing gears, she became involved in business management and media relations, then later acquired vigor for designing and machining products. Still producing merchandise she also advocates preservation of the environment one trip at time while collaborating with T3. Ms. Cunningham has developed a strong devotion to conservation of our environment to enhancement of our future grandeur by creating life-long memories and experiences. Ms. Cunningham is dedicated to helping others achieve health and fitness goals along with a passion for her family, friends, and animals.