T3 is an environmentally conscious and responsible company wanting to protect the ozone layer with a mission to “be kind” to the environment and ecology. In observance of International Ozone Layer Day (September 16th), we compiled some tips to help you and your family contribute to the reversal of the ozone layer’s depletion. save-ozone-layer

The first step is to simply raise awareness of the problem. Speak to your children about the importance of the ozone layer. It protects life on Earth against deadly UVA and UVB radiation from the Sun. Excessive exposure to the Sun could lead to skin cancer and cataracts. Food sources such as crops can be damaged, and even the simplest forms of life in the oceans can be killed, which affects the entire food chain.

  • Avoid buying and using aerosols and sprays composed of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
  • Avoid using fire extinguishers with halogenated hidrocarbon since it is a very aggressive substance for the ozone layer.
  • Avoid buying insulating material made up of CFCs.
  • Maintain your air-conditioning units at home and in your cars because if they do not function properly, they emit CFCs to the atmosphere. By the way, an efficiently running A/C costs less to operate, wastes less fuel or electricity, and simply feels more enjoyable.
  • Check appliances such a refrigerators and freezers. If they do not function properly, have them repaired because they may have leaks.
  • Always opt to buy a refrigerator, freezer or an air-conditioning unit without CFCs.
  • Report whether you know that products with bromomethane are used in some sown fields and crops because these substances are contaminants.
  • Reduce the use of your car and other machines that burn fuel like compressors and lawn mowers. Better yet, switch to alternative fuel, hybrid, or electric vehicles. Even better yet, select an environmentally responsible company that uses electric and hybrid vehicles (like T3) and leave the driving to us!
  • Arrange an itinerary to save time and money if you do have to use your car.
  • Use alternative means of transportation such as buses, bicycles, trains, ferries or simply walking.
  • Reduce the use of heating and air-conditioning.
  • Buy energy saving gadgets, appliances and bulbs. You will reduce levels of pollution and save money.

hqdefaultWe know that not all of you are involved in the decision-making processes of purchasing or using these items, but you can still contribute to the cause by requesting your employers or workplaces to transition to safer and friendlier materials, and requiring establishments you do business with to participate in safe practices that help the environment, not hurt it.

Remember that T3 is a environmentally and eco-friendly company that steers clear of items and chemicals that are dangerous to the ozone layer and other components of Earth’s well-being, especially the use of electric and hybrid vehicles in our fleet. The Tesla Model S is a completely zero-emission electric sedan, how can anybody beat that?

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