Mark Twain Nikola Tesla

This is a great old photo of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) holding one of Nikola Tesla’s inventions. What was Mark Twain doing in Nikola Tesla’s lab anyway? It turns out that these two were great friends and saw each other as often as they could.
Tesla had first become aware of Twain during his younger years while crippled with sicknesses so bad that the doctors had given up all hope. He was bedridden and sinking into deep despair when someone gave him a couple of Twain’s books to read to pass the time.
Tesla said that the books were so captivating and moving that it helped pull him out of the depressed state he was in, setting the stage for him to recover.
Later on in life he met Mark Twain at a place they both liked to go called The Player’s Club, Twain was someone absolutely entranced by things like science, technology, and inventions and so naturally he connected with Tesla right off the bat. It was there at that club that they began a strong friendship that would last the rest of their lives.
In many ways the two lived in the world of imagination, just different aspects of it. Both could pull ideas out of thin air and make monumental changes to the world around them, one through words and the other through electricity. They admired this ability in each other and liked to hang out and talk for hours in Tesla’s lab.
So really this isn’t only an awesome picture of Mark Twain but also a snapshot of a moment in time between two very good friends. Epic friends.

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