Napa Valley is the hot spot for wine enthusiasts and it’s location is perfect, right on the on the main drag of State Road 29 along Sonoma County. This area is known as the Silverado Trail and it’s the spot where over 300 wineries produce close to 2,000,000,000 bottles of wine a year thanks to the perfect and ideal climate.

Grapes thrive in a balmy coolish morning type climate which is facilitated by thePacific fog which slowly and surreptitiously drifts into the Napa Valley every evening.
This in turn creates the perfect growing conditions for grapes of many verities and is why this region produces so many quality wines for the planet.

Before you begin an adventure to the Napa Valley you should take the time to learn alittle about the technique of wine tasting.

The first thing you should do when wine tasting is pour the wine delicately into the wine glass and let it sit for a second or two and then hold the glass to light and inspect the color of the wine, this will actually help you determine its age. In general, white wines will tend to darken somewhat with age and red wines will actually lighten.
Also make sure that the liquid does not look too clouded or milky or have too many particles in it, the clearer the wine the better the wine.

Next, you should swirl the wine around in your glass. This will help oxygen get mixed into the wine. This will also help to release the aroma which is trapped within the wine. Also observe how quickly little drops run down the inside of the glass after its swirled.

Now comes the good part, hold the wine under your nose and sniff. This procedure is called “getting the wine’s nose”. Getting the nose of the wine will bring out its bouquet, usually with a more robust bouquet, the older the wine is. This will also help you determine the type of grapes use for the wine and the quality of the grapes in some circumstances.
Now take a big drink of the wine and let it flow over your tongue and let it try reach all parts of your tongue to get a true sense of its taste. By doing this you observe the body, each one will have a different effect. Then finally go ahead and swallow the wine and notice the aftertaste, and how long it lingers on the palette and how much the taste has changed since initially hitting your tongue.
Once you really know how to taste and enjoy wine you will find yourself wanting to head to the Napa Valley and do some wine tasting with the best wines and in the best wine making atmosphere on the planet.

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