Nikola Tesla – The Mad Scientist in the 19th Century

If you know anything about the many inventors that have made a difference throughout history, you probably have heard a lot about Nikola Tesla. An immigrant in the U.S., he quickly became referred to as an innovator, particularly within the realm of electrical devices.

He completely revolutionized the functionality of the electric generator and developed the famous Tesla Coil, which you may have noticed in vintage horror movies, you know the ones throwing big electrical sparks throughout the room.

Way back in 1899, somewhere in Shoreham, Long Island, Nicola Tesla built a large amplifying transmitter device that may have harnessed radiant energy from the sky and changed it into electric power.

It is such a tragedy that his project never came to fruition as a result of numerous problems. Just to make a long story short, his innovative discovery would have been the stuff of legend and revolutionized the way the world consumed energy, but this was just not to be.

With the inspiration of Tesla, Elon Musk has created a fantastic company called Tesla Motors. This innovative and inspirational company is on its way to eliminating our need for gas engines!

With the smooth as silk driving experience and the added benefit of being able to drive hundreds of miles without even thinking about refilling your tank, a Tesla is a multifaceted and exceptional vehicle.

First, you take pleasure in the ride inside your beautifully built Tesla. Second, you can embark on long drives without worrying much about charging your car let alone, as I said above, refilling a gas tank!

Tesla is among the rare American manufacturers who are operating with tremendous success. You cannot ignore Tesla cars, especially because they are great for the environment, and worrying about the increasing fuel prices seems to be a significant stress for our future.

What is fascinating to me is the correlation between the stories of Nikola Tesla and Elon musk’s Tesla Motors. Nikola Tesla was in direct competition with the US government because the US government wanted to create electricity and at the same time, Nikola Tesla wanted to create electricity too.

Some would hypothesize that the US government had a lot to do with some of Tesla’s failures and shortcomings.

On the flip side, the current struggle of this story, Elon Musk is also at All Odds with big oil who essentially has their tentacles within government also. They don’t want to see clean energy alternatives takeover, so they are also not making the way easy for Elon Musk and Tesla Motors, but that’s another conspiracy story altogether.

Telsa Tours and Transportation believes in green technology and employs it generously. We think that we should leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Through Tesla Motors technology we are protecting our environment the best we can.

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