Northern California Coastline Tour

The Unimaginable Beauty of the Northern California Wine Country & Coastline Experience

The beauty of the Northern California’s coast is widely recognized around the world. Generation after generation of winemakers and farmers have made it the most compelling stop on the map to eat delicious food and drink wines that are even the envy of French winemakers – and if you know anything about the French winemakers  – this is not a small accomplishment. There are romantic pockets and hamlets that have existed for centuries to be explored and appreciated at every turn along The Northern California Wine Country and Coastline Experience.

There are also picturesque treks into the city  by the bay  that ensure visitors can  take in such  famed sites as the amazing Golden Gate Bridge,  Fisherman’s Wharfs and just a stone’s throw away  – the infamous Alcatraz.

But perhaps the most formidable site to behold is the acres of Redwoods that rise so high, and are so thick around, they require a few National and State Parks in which to showcase them.

Tesla Tours Napa Valley takes you away to rocky cliff lined beaches with the magnificent white spray of the Pacific Ocean’s never ending stream of crashing waves and plenty of tide pools to keep things exciting. There are also exotic wildlife parks that will reconnect your very soul to Mother Nature with over 1500 species of plants and wildlife to discover.

This popular 6 hour tour even allows visitors to customize their own itinerary in order for them to be able to pick and choose from a wide variety of points of interest to see. Giving guest this flexibility of choice is important to Tesla Tours Napa Valley San Francisco Scenic Tours and making sure they are able to visit all of the hot spots that they are excited about is Tesla Tours number #1 goal.

Some of the options to visit while on the Northern California Coastline Experience:


  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Sausalito
  • Dillon Beach
  • Tomales Bay
  • Bodega Bay
  • Point Reyes
  • And Much, Much More…

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