Romantic Napa Valley Wine Tours

Imagine yourself being greeted by a well-groomed, professionally mannered curator and your “chariot for a day,” a Tesla Model S all-Electric luxury sedan, is glistening in the sunshine of Napa Valley. You are embarking on a unique and memorable experience of touring through Northern California. Your itinerary is perfect because it has been honed and crafted to your individual tastes and desires. You appreciate the familiarity in your curator’s voice, an assurance that you are being guided by somebody who knows you – and has discussed your expectations with you – not a randomly assigned driver for the day.

Perhaps you have chosen a romantic weekend of wine-tasting and food pairing in Napa Valley or Sonoma County. Your curator’s wine knowledge proves to be an invaluable resource as you discover new vineyards, meet friendly new people, and learn about wine-making… your wine collection is growing, as you couldn’t resist adding a few bottles from the latest vintage of the small vineyard you just visited.

Touring around Northern California is so much more than merely being transported from one point to another, reading information from an old guidebook. Your curator has proven to be an informative and entertaining guide during your journey, narrating the vast history of San Francisco and its surrounding areas. You never would have known that Crissy Field had once been an airfield operated by the Army Air Corps long before the Air Force had been created, or Fort Point had gone from protecting San Francisco Bay to being protected from demolition as the Golden Gate Bridge was being built.

As you bask in the beauty of a sunset along Bodega Bay, you think to yourself about how relieved you are that you freed up some space on your camera’s memory disk to capture this moment, before being whisked on to Oyster Bay for some tantalizing smoked barbecued oysters (your curator has advised you that you will love them, even if you don’t enjoy seafood… and there are other options, if you’re a carnivore).

A perfect day ends with a perfect evening – dinner at a seaside bistro in Sausalito, a farm-to-table establishment in Wine Country, or the popular and exclusive restaurant in San Francisco you have always dreamed of visiting. You really appreciate your curator’s recommendation and assistance with acquiring reservations.

Sitting on the runway just before take-off, you look out the tiny airplane window and remember the amazing views you enjoyed through the panoramic windows and sunroof of your Tesla, and you smile as you think about all that we presented for your perfect experience, and you wonder if you may have missed anything.

“Next time,” your travel companion says, and you smile a second time because you know you’ll call us again.

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