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San Francisco Museum Tours That Are Perfect For People Of All Ages

Museums are always a good place to visit when you want to get immersed in history. Museums have different exhibits and tours that allow you to get an enriching knowledge about the place that you are visiting.

Not all museums have attractions and presentations that can entertain both adults and kids, but in San Francisco, there are several. Listed below are some of the San Francisco Museums that can be enjoyable for anyone in any age group. Enjoyable learning does not need to have an age limit, and the San Francisco museums in this list are the perfect examples to that.

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is one of the most visited museums in San Francisco – and for a good reason. The Exploratorium houses one of the most interactive exhibits that are enjoyable to both children and adults alike. Learning and enjoying comes hand in hand in the Exploratorium. The exhibits in this museum teach not only different topics for your enrichment but also house bright, colorful designs that will catch your attention.

There are numerous teaching displays in this museum that will provide not only lessons but also enjoyment. This place is both fun and educational for people of all ages.

San Francisco museum tours

Legion of Honor

The Legion of Honor is one of the San Francisco museums that provide historical exhibits. This magnificent place has a romantic atmosphere, with its classic interior and hallways. This art museum has an extensive collection of sculptures, paintings, furniture and pieces of jewelry that span almost four millennia into our ancient history. Both children and adults alike will be able to sate their historical curiosity with the number of displays that the Legion of Honor offers.

You can check out not only one, but two outstanding and famous exhibitions from Monet and Rodin. From sculptures to paintings, there are a lot of displays in this museum that will surely catch your eye. Aside from the exhibitions, you can also enjoy the Legion of Honor’s architecture in design. From the hallways to the courtyard, you will feel as if you this classical architecture transports you in time in time.

California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences can bring you close to nature. This place provides a great location of learning and rediscovering the environment. This museum houses many exhibits and displays that are perfect both children and adults. There is a rain forest, a butterfly conservatory, an aquarium, an earthquake simulator, a planetarium and much more. There are some activities that you will be sure to enjoy.

The California Academy of Sciences not only helps you know more about the environment and its related science, but it also makes sure that you have an enjoyable time when you visit. You can tour the place on your own discretion, so you can stay longer in places that you like. One of its most famous facilities is its planetarium. It is a beautiful indoor location that will make you feel close not only to the stars but the entire universe as well.

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