Since I was in Ripon, CA with no way to the San Francisco Airport, I surfed the best I could on my ipad and found you.  I used your service on 11/19/14.  William was my driver.  He drove well and I was comfortable.  I don’t trust a driver I don’t know until proven that I can fell comfortable.  My husband had been hospitalized since November 4, 2014.  When he was released he too needed a ride to the airport.  (In both cases my nephew had offered to drive us but let each of us down.) I arranged for Joel Jerome’s ride.  Micheal, who owns the company, was Joel’s driver.  Joel was impressed with the service.  Micheal called ahead to make sure a wheelchair was at the entrance to take Joel to the gate.  When Joel got to security he realized that his cell phone was missing.  Micheal had noticed the sounds coming from his phone.  With communication, cooperation and good thinking Joel was able to get his phone back.  Thank you Micheal!  I don’t know when I’ll be back in CA but I wouldn’t hesitate to call you again.
Thank you.