Napa Valley Vineyard Weddings

Time has passed so quickly since the engagement you feel like you just woke up, and you’re feeling a little dizzy thinking about the whirlwind of planning that has gone into planning your Perfect Day. It’s hard to believe that six months has suddenly become six hours before you walk down the aisle, and, for a slight moment, you worry that you may have forgotten something.

Right at that moment, as if on-cue, your phone rings. The voice is familiar and comforting. It’s Jenny from T3 Napa Valley. “Good morning Ms. Jones. I just wanted you to know that I have confirmed everything for today, so please relax, and I’ll see you at your hotel in a few hours.”

Jenny has been so helpful through the entire process of arranging the wedding, from selecting a venue with an amazing view of rolling vineyards, to scheduling transportation for the whole wedding party and the guest list. She was also amazing that evening a few months ago when you called her, requesting her assistance to find a block of rooms for some guests whose RSVP cards were somehow lost in the mail.

You smile because you realize that this is one of the final moments when somebody will call you by your maiden name, even though you’ve asked Jenny to call you by your first name so many times. You’re glad that you requested Jenny to be your Wedding Coordinator.

Six hours have flashed by as you step out of your hotel and view your chariot, a Tesla Model S all-Electric luxury sedan glistening in the sunlight. Your curator introduces himself, takes your hand and escorts you to the silently awaiting vehicle.

Just before you say your vows, your spouse-to-be whispers in your ear, “Nice touch with the Tesla…” You knew he’d enjoy that surprise… and the attention… you smile again, thinking about how much he’ll love the romantic wine tour tomorrow, just the two of you, in a Tesla Model S.

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